Danielle Gruen, MD PhD



2024 MD, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
     Resuscitation Area of Concentration
2020 Postdoc, University of Pittsburgh Department of Surgery
     NIH T32 Fellow in Trauma and Sepsis
     Pittsburgh Trauma Research Center
2018 PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
     Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

     NSF Research Fellow in Biogeochemistry
     Harvard-MIT HST Certificate Program


I study traumatic injury and prehospital resuscitation. We leverage ground and helicopter emergency medical services (EMS) information, continuous waveform measurements, clinical data, multi-omics approaches, and markers of immune function and tissue damage to improve outcomes for injured patients.


I have worked for and learned from organizations including 
Foxwall EMSMIT EMSNOLS WMI, and Penn State UAS. I spend my free time in the outdoors running and climbing.